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Management Message
Sunil Kumar Jhunjhunwala

The main purpose of the education is all round development of human being. We even try to fulfill such objectives. The college always efforts for qualitative professional and research orientated education. Our main aim is to produce such teachers and managerial experts who can solve the immediate problems through Action Research. They play an eminent role to make the society and nation strong. The college also provides best facilities, infrastructure and faculties for the development and growth of students in the field of education.

Ms. Madhu Agarwal
Chair Person
Sagar Educational Society

The Sagar Educational Society has been established to promote quality professional education among the masses in area of Eastern Uttar Pradesh higher-to-fore neglected. Our aim is to provide best opportunity to the budding professionals-Educationalist and the executives, of the future to realize their potential and transform themselves from shy students to confident citizens with excellent capabilities in their respective fields and be able to withstand most stiff competition in today's environments. From the management side, we have ensured that the students are afforded all the best facilities, infrastructure, faculties, amenities and opportunities for their development and growth in the teacher training field. We welcome you all to the environments conducive to learning and developing excellent professionals.

Anil Kumar Jhunjhunwala
Sagar Educational Society

With a commitment to provide higher education of global standards, Shri P.L. Memorial P.G. College is ascribed as one of the 'most preferred' educational institutions in North India. SPLMPGC, DOE a part of Sagar Group of Institutions (SGI), is spread over 25 acres of land. The institute has state of the art facilities. The institute is surrounded by greenery & plantation, which makes its atmosphere pollution free, tranquil & conducive to teaching, learning process.

The institute bristles with cutting edge education and facilities. The striking feature of SPLMPGC, DOE is well planned and comprehensive infrastructure is provided for both students and faculty. The campus has a well developed library, well equipped laboratories and a computer centre. This makes studying at SPLMPGC, DOE a unique and once-in-a lifetime experience.

“With all the best Wishes”

Dr. V.B. Lal

Education is the core of life which surrounds all human activities so the main objective of education is the harmonious development of the students and our college provides the same. The college efforts to develop physical, mental, professional, moral and aesthetic development of the students. The education includes the service of human, nation and the world. Our main aim is to provide best education and best opportunity to the students. Best education is not only make the life better, but develops valuable qualities in every field of life. We want to inculcate vocational, educational and best creativity among students. We also try to provide essential human values i.e the concept of "Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram".

Dr. Satya Prakash Dwivedi
Registrar / Administrator

Our effort is to provide such an education to the student by which they can get job in every field as well as become a fruitful person is the society. Educated Student can get progress and determine participation in the development of Country. Our object is not only to provide bookish knowledge but behavior knowledge also because "if a Student have bookish Knowledge, can get successes In each exam but in the absence of the behavior knowledge, will fail in living life."

“With all the best Wishes”

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